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  • Arreda i tuoi spazi con una cabina armadio su misura

    DATA: 19/04/2018

    Tante idee e soluzioni per arredare la stanza, con una cabina armadio realizzata su misura per te. Possibilità di usare molteplici materiali come legno, vetro ed alluminio. L'attrezzaggio dell'interno cabina viene definito in fase di progettazione mediante l'utilizzo di un software che elabora immagini in 3d.


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  • Occhio ai prezzi bassi

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    If you have thought so far that a glass was worth the other, you are wrong is not your fault but the serramentist who did not inform you, stay calm and read our tips carefully. Why is it so important to choose the glass for your home? About 80% of the surface of the bin is made up of glasses, this explains the fact that before the material to be used for your infus, it is crucial to choose the glasses as they are an integral part for the insulation of the façade. What should I choose in a glass? - Safety first and foremost, the UNI 7697 standard specifies for every specific building application a glass that is not dangerous in case of breakage, and it is good to point out that most accidents occur in residential environments for this we attach to your safety And we are installing stratified or tempered safety glasses. - The thermal summer insulation, ie the efficiency of the glazing indicated by the "g" value, represents the percentage of heat that the glass leaves in relation to the solar irradiation. Plus the percentage of "g" is low, plus the glass protects the living environments from external heat, eg. A glass with a factor "g" 0.35 is better than a glass with a "g" factor of 0.50. Not always the factor "g" however is decisive since a glass treated to shield the heat in most cases also passes less light, so it is good to choose the type of glass according to the display of the home, we will be To help you in choosing. - The winter thermal insulation or performance performance of the glazed unit with the value "Ug" represents the percentage of insulation that the glass has inside the home. Plus the percentage of the "Ug" value is low, plus the glass isolates the living environments from the cold outside eg. A glass with "Ug" 1.0 is better than a glass with "Ug" factor 1.50 - Sound insulation is an indispensable prerogative, as it guarantees comfort and tranquility in residential and commercial environments, especially in high traffic areas such as city centers. In this case the insulating glass power is measured in dB, the higher will be the higher the performance of your glasses, eg. A glass with "dB" value 45 is better than a glass with "dB" value 40. Remember we care for your home and your comfort, contact us for a free visit, thank you for reading. Luca Calderaro


    DATA: 11/03/2017

    Have you ever bought a PVC window?
    Even if you did not read this article very carefully, it could save you a lot of money.
    The windows and doors market today has become a veritable jungle, in the malls, shops under the house, the potter, and more ... you will find a low-priced pvc window.
    But are you really sure that you are spending well your savings? Have you ever wondered why a WINDOW cost half a WINDOW?
    We do a bit of clarity with these first clues
    Many manufacturers of PVC windows and doors in order to meet the competition, have seen fit to use recycled raw (exhausted materials, waste) at the expense of the customer's health and quality. The profiles regenerated are fed back into the market with significantly lower costs, compared to a frame constructed of virgin PVC.
    That's all? Maybe ... Your fabricator of trust has ever spoken of S-class?
    All PVC profiles are classified according to the UNI EN 12608-2005 which determines the class M (moderate climate) suitable for countries of Northern Europe, the S-class (severe weather) indicated for the countries of southern Europe whose Mediterranean climate alternates hot summers with mild winters, so large temperature variations in the seasons. This determines that a frame in the M-class installed in Italy in the long run would give major stability and resistance problems. Choose and always ask a fixture in class S.
    It does not end here in the next news we will talk about other tips on how to save big money on your fixtures.
    Thanks for readingLuca Calderaro

  • La tenda che arreda è arrivata in Cecal by Mottura

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    Infinite collezioni e modelli tessuti per arredare con gusto e design i tuoi spazi, vieni a scoprirli presso il nostro show room

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